Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Hello, introducing Edmund(the explorer) Nesbitt!

Hello there,
I am so so glad to meet you all...
You must be wondering who I am and why I am here.....
well read on!

So much has happened this last week, it has all been so exciting, but I will start at the beginning and tell you the important bits.

Last week I was in the basket of unwanted bears at a charity shop in Guisborough.
I heard some of the volunteers talking about a story they had read in the local newspaper, The Evening Gazette.

here is the article...

Grin and bear it!

Jan 24 2008 by Naomi Corrigan, Evening Gazette
Heather Thompson, pictured left with some of the bears heading to Norway in a bid to raise £30,000 for St Theresas Hospice

A GROUP of intrepid teds are heading off to icier climes for a record-breaking picnic attempt.

In June, Heather and Geoff Thompson from Darlington are taking the bunch of bears to lunch - 700 miles away to North Cape in Norway.

The challenge was set up in a bid to raise £30,000 for the specialist children’s bereavement service at St Teresa’s Hospice. And in doing so the pair would also break a world record by holding the most northerly teddy bears’ picnic ever.

Heather, who works part-time at the hospice, said: “We went to Norway two years ago and did a flute duet in the world’s most northerly Methodist church and raised £13,000 for the hospice.

“I have been going to schools to talk about the hospice and I take in Barnaby Bear. We thought using teddies would be a great way to raise money for the hospice.”

To send a bear, people need to raise at least £100.

When I read the article I thought how exciting the adventure would be for the lucky bears chosen to go.

I didn't give it any more thought, then on Friday I heard Heather being interviewed on Tees Radio by the lovely Alex Hall.

Well the next thing I knew was today, at about 11.45 two ladies came into the Charity Shop and headed staraight for the Teddy Bear basket.

They picked me up, looked closely, muttering "Yes, about 9 inches!" and before I knew it I was being handed over to Ken, the volunteer.

who then handed me over to my new mummy, Mrs Nesbitt!

We travelled home together and now I am told I am going to Norway in June.

MrsNesbitt wants to raise £100 for the children's unit at the Hospice and over the next few weeks we will share with you our weekly preparations for this wonderful expedition.

You can help, by signing up as a friend or pledging just a small amount to this great cause.

By becoming my friend you will be able to put my picture on your blog and tell all your blog visitors about my expedition.

I am now known as Edmund Nesbitt, in memory of a great explorer my mum tells me.

Watch this space!

Hope you become my friend.


RUTH said...

Welcome to Blogland Edmund. I'll be looking forward to keeping up with your travels :o)

CG said...

I would love to be your friend; just tell me what to do!!

Argument Cottage said...

Hi Edmund,

it is so great to hear that you have a lovely new mum and home and that you are going off on an exciting adventure, I wish I was going with you!! Don't forget to wrap up warm, I am sure some lovely person will soon make you some nice warm arctic suit to help you through the cold day!!

good luck, I will keep in touch

Sharon said...

I would like to be your friend Edmund! Are you going to set up a paypal button or anything like that for the donations?

I'm looking forward to reading about your trip.

By the way, have you ever read Bob T. Bear, esq's blog? It is really cute.

hpy said...

You are a very nice ursus maritimus, Edmund.

VP said...

Hi Edmund - what an exciting life you're going to lead! I look forward to hearing all about your travels...

DarylE said...

How wonderful .. how can a colonist participate?

RuneE said...

Having had four children in the house and at least 100 bears, cats, dog, elephants and what-not - and being a Norwegian into the bargain - how can I avoid joining up? Just tell me what to do!

Liz said...

Oh Edmund you will be a great explorer I can tell. Do you have one of those sponsor sites?

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Is she goin to get yu a coate befor yu go, or is yor ferr thik enuff? Yu mite need sum wellys, or or or maybe sum fermol undeez! Wa-heyy!

I arskt Mummy if I can come wiv yu, but she sed no. (I waz kwite pleezd reelly. I kno sheed miss me, poor thing. An it sayves me worryin bowt her.)

Hav yu got a scarf? That bow tie won't keep yor nek very warm. If she offers, arsk fer a thik scarf, wun that yu can fold in 2 lenth ways. I find that it's kwite eesy, wiv a bit ov praktiss, to hide a wee cayke or 2 in there, an it mite come in handy wen yor at the piknik.

Bear hugs!



BumbleVee said...

The bears in my "hug" are reading over my shoulder and there is quite a discussion happening.... seems it is divided half and half as to whether they would go or if they are too shy and will just stay home and read about your adventures instead. ... .. good luck Edmund...stay warm.

Julie said...

Good luck with your adventure Edmund. Wrap up warm and have a nice time with your new mummy till you go. Maybe I'll see you in February before you go. Anyway I can give Mrs Nesbitt some sponsor money when I see her.

Sharon said...

Hi Edmund! Thanks for visiting my blog.

I would LOVE for you to write to my class and tell them about yourself and your mission! They would really enjoy seeing a picture of you too! I'm going to check and see if I can get your email address and send my address to you! What a great idea.

Shirl the Girl said...

Hello Edmund. Thank you so much for visiting Lola the Lamb. I've left her having a little rest after all the excitement of meeting you. She is so easily led astray, like many of her species, but you seem a pleasant enough chap.

Lola and I would be most honoured to donate to the cause and will be placing a link on her blog right now.

"Oh, my first link! This is just sooo exciting..."

Oh, dear, she has woken up. Must go now.

Sandy Kessler said...

Edmund the cheeky cheery bear How marvelous . can't wait for his expeditions . He's very cute especially with his bow tie!!

bear said...

Please to meet you too! Glad to hear that the scary trip to the Charity Shop can be the start of a Big Adventure (but just in case Madame reads this - I'm happy on my cushion). Will follow your progress with interest.

wavy paw from Bear