Thursday, 29 May 2008

I'm off!

The Sky is the Limit!

Tomorrow mummy is taking me to be handed over to one of the helpers at the hospice, who in turn will take me, together with all of the other teddies to Auntie Heather.

We sail 14th June
arrive 15th June
Hereafter it is approximate
16th Lom
17th Asen
18th Mo-i-Rana
19th Fauske
20th Skibotn
21st - 23rd Hammerfest
24th North Cape (picnic Midnight)
Return via Finland & Sweden
Depart Norway 11th July
Arrive Newcaste 12th July

Thank you to those of you who donated money for the children's bereavement centre at the hospice.
If anybody would like to make a small donation, please see the link in the side bar!

Keep a look out for the daily e-mails here

For more skywatchers visit Uncle Tom

Monday, 31 March 2008

An Award!

None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone.

Ralph Waldo Emerson!

Thank you so much Auntie Leslie for this award.

Life has been very busy here in the Nesbitt household of late.

Mummy hasn't been very well but the spring weather seems to have lifted everybody's also brings with it progress for our expedition.

We are counting down the days now, not long to go at all.

I am definately signed up to go and we are trying to raise funds for Percival to accompany me.

Sometimes I think we need company for such events.

We are going to be organising a huge teddy bear event in the next few weeks and will be telling you all about it here.

Until then, I need to pass this award onto at least10 excellent blogs.....well that is easy for me.
The lovely people who have sponsored me.

1. Well, I have got to include my
sweetheart, Lola

2. The wonderful
Bob T Bear.

3. My supporters over in US,
Auntie Sharon her class and BearyBear.

Daryl E


6. My wonderful Uncle Phil & Auntie Maria at Argument Cottage.

Uncle Rune

Auntie Libby

9. Auntie Liz

10. Autie Ruth (who is having lots of problems with her computer but she is fine!

11. Auntie Julie....the artist

12. Auntie Julie...the photographer

Blogger is playing up, so I will be back to do the links later for 9 - 12.


Thursday, 13 March 2008

The Funny Things Humans Get Up To

The Easter Holidays are approaching and whilst we have been doing more research for our Expedition we came across these events.

We laughed at some of them!

If you are wanting to go somewhere, check out this site! Lots to do!

Back Soon
Love Edmund and Percival.



When: 21 March 2008 (Good Friday)
Where: Greyhound Pub, Tinsley Green, Crawley, West Sussex
PR Contact: Crawley Visitor Information Centre, tel: +44 (0) 1293 846 968 or Sam or Julia
McCarthy-Fox, tel: +44 (0) 1403 730 602
Marbles have been played in and around Tinsley Green for many hundreds of years. The tradition is said to date back to the time of Good Queen Bess when two men from Surrey and Sussex competed for the hand of a maiden from Tinsley, which is just on the border of the two counties. After being judged equal in all the major sports of the time such as archery and wrestling, one of them came up with the game of marbles and the tradition has continued ever since. The World Marble Championships date back to the 1930s. Some 20 teams from around the
world take part including Canada, the USA and Germany and the action is watched by hundreds of spectators. The game is played in a six foot diameter ring which is dusted with fine sand and set up in the Greyhound Pub car park. Some 49 marbles are then placed in the ring. There are six players in a team and each member has four marbles. The winner is the first team to knock 25 marbles out of the ring.

When: 24 March 2008 (Easter Monday)
Where: Hallaton, Leicestershire
PR Contact: Festival Chairman, Phil Allen, tel: +44 (0) 1858 555 310 or Simon Gribbon, Leicestershire Promotions tel: +44 (0) 116 225 4000
In 1770, the Rector of Hallaton was allotted a piece of land on condition that he provided two hare pies, two dozen loaves of bread and a quantity of ale, which had to be scrambled for in public. The custom still survives today. On Easter Monday, a hare pie is baked using a 20 inch square tin and is paraded in a procession through Hallaton village from the Fox Inn to St Michael’s Church. Slices are cut up, blessed and distributed at St Michael’s Church gates by the rector. Immediately behind the pie in the procession are the bottles that are used for the Bottle Kicking match. The ‘bottles’ are actually three small wooden kegs. Two contain beer and the remaining one is coloured red and white. The Bottle Kicking Parade moves through the village to the top of Hare Pie bank where the Bottle Kicking match takes place. The competitors are teams from Hallaton and nearby Medbourne who kick and man-handle the three barrels in an attempt to get them across respective boundaries. The goals are two streams a mile (1.6km) apart, and the aim is to kick two of the three bottles across the team’s respective stream. It is a tough contest with the teams having to get the barrels across numerous hedges, lanes, ditches and even barbed wire to reach their touchlines.

Our Favourite...


When: 30 March 2008, 12 noon
Where: Days Lock Island, near the Whittenham Clumps, River Thames, Oxfordshire
PR Contact: David Caswell, Organiser, Rotary Club of Sinodun, Wallingford
Tel: +44 (0) 1491 838 294
When Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin first dropped a handful of sticks from a bridge into a stream and rushed to the other side to see which came under first, who would have imagined this would start an annual tradition? The 17th Annual World Pooh Sticks Championships is set to attract around 1000 people, many in fancy dress. Competing families and bears take part in a knock-out style competition, with teams of six dropping different coloured sticks from each of the two bridges at the lock. The event is held in aid of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Skywatch Friday......... this!

and here is the photograph for you to see....

Friday, 29 February 2008

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Sky Watch Friday!

Looking out on the North Sea, Saltburn Beach, Monday night.

I have had an adventure this week, all part of my preparation for my expedition!

The journey was rather uncomfortable as I had to sit on top of Daddy's Walkers Crisps!

He loves them you know!

Auntie Maria from Argument Cottage had come to collect me.

I have been spending a few days at Argument Cottage.

Tuesday morning....having a few minutes quiet time, preparing myself for my appearance on BBC Radio Tees.

I met the lovely Matthew Davis.

Auntie Maria told the listeners about my expedition.

Mummy was listening!

After my interview I did some shopping with Auntie Maria then went back to Argument Cottage.

Auntie Maria took me into the Charity Shop so I could show Ken my new clothes.

He was very very pleased to see me.

An exciting few days!

Now I am waiting for mummy to come and collect me and take me home.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Weekend Wandering!

Over on Uncle David's Blog he asked a question...
"Who really controls the remote control in your house?"
Well as you can see it is myself.
I can tell you it is not an easy task as Wilma likes to watch all of the soaps and other drivle.
An explorer needs to watch factual programmes, documentaries are a particular favourite.
I also need to keep an eye on the weather conditions too, so I am a keen weather forecast fan!
I have been reading a great deal lately, ideal passtime when the weather has been so cold. I found this poem and thought it was very appropriate.

The TV is my shepherd, I shall not want.
It makes me lie down on the sofa.
It leads me away from the faith.
It destroys my soul.
It leads me in the path of sex and violence for the sponsor's sake.
Yea, though I walk in the shadow of Christian responsibilities,
There will be no interruption, for the TV is with me.
Its cable and remote control, they comfort me.
It prepares a commercial for me in the presence of my worldliness.
It anoints my head with humanism and consumerism.
My coveting runneth over.
Surely, laziness and ignorance shall follow me all the days of my life,
And I shall dwell in the house watching TV forever.
-- Author Unknown
I have busy few days, but will be back on Wednesday!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

I'm back for ABC Wednesday!

D is for.....
Dressed to the nines!

Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.

Somebody who is "dressed to the nines" or "dressed up to the nines" is dressed to perfection or superlatively dressed. Writers have run up a whole wardrobe-full of ideas about where the expression comes from, but one very persistent theory is that the British Army's 99th Regiment of Foot were renowned for their smartness, so much so that the other regiments based with them at Aldershot in the 1850s were constantly trying to emulate them – to equal "the nines".

As you can see I am back home after spending a few days with Grandma, Molly and Holly.

Any explorer needs to be warm yet smart and I was so thrilled to read about the history of the phrase, it is so appropriate!

I still need some boots and a hat but mummy is on the case!

D is for........................
drum roll!

here I am, with mummy's slimming group friends............
tonight raising £25 towards my fare.

Yes....................I am going to the Arctic!

Friday, 8 February 2008

Skywatch Friday...

sunset 3

Sunset 1

As you know, I am still staying with my Grandma.

If you look very carefully at the first picture, on the horizon is actually the moor road from Guisborough to Whitby.

This is the road I will be travelling home on later today when mummy comes to collect me.

I have had a great time with Grandma, Molly and Holly but I am so looking forward to coming home.

I have lots to share but I must dash and pack my bags.

But I would like to thank Teddies at home for sitting on the windowsill and waiting for the sunset.

The photographs were all taken last night.


I would also like to thank those of you who have donated towards the charity.

I am getting near my target.

I only need £30 ($15) and I will have secured my ticket.

If anybody would like to make a donation please see the words in red on my sidebar! Thank you so much!

Just for is the very first edition of the Teddy Times, released from the Hospice this morning.....please note my story made the paper!

Arctic Teddy Times

Welcome to the first edition of ‘Arctic Teddy Times’.

We have now officially launched our ‘Teddies to the Arctic’ campaign where we are trying to raise £30,000 for the development of the Specialist Children’s Bereavement Counselling Service at St Teresa’s Hospice.

The launch went well. Fourum folk group were well received by a gathering of some 100 strong at Northland Methodist Church in Darlington. The day raised about £600.00, which has taken our total raised so far to a little over £2000.00. Not a bad total to start with.

Over the coming months there will be a number of other fundraising events, mostly, I would have to say at Methodist Churches in and around Darlington. One of the most entertaining of these will be a concert given by our godson Mike who is a member of the National Youth Brass Band. He will be joined by Geoff, Heather & his dad, Richard……but Mike is the star. We are greatly touched that this young lad of 14yrs is willing to give up so much of his time to help raise money for this excellent cause.

Other folk willing to give up their time are a number of friends who we affectionately call ‘The teddy Team’. These good folk can be easily identified at our events as they have all bought themselves special polo shirts and sweatshirts.

So popular are our polo and sweatshirts that we have made arrangements to have some specially printed to sell. They come in a variety of colours and all have the logo on the front (similar to the one Mike is wearing in the picture). If you know anyone who would like one, they can be ordered from me (via the hospice or the website).

We now have 6 fully paid-up bears who are ready and waiting for the trip and many more who have registered. All the bears will be given a badge with their name and a number for the trip so that when we return they can be returned to their owner safely.
Many of you reading this newsletter will still be collecting for your bear (and there’s plenty of time yet) but when you do drop off the bear for me, please put him in a bag (paper may be kindest!) and put his name and your name on it. At the moment teddy ID isn’t a problem, but the nearer we get to the trip, the harder I can see it will be to make sure they are all identified correctly.

We’re delighted to be able to say that we are receiving support from different parts of the country and in many different ways.

In December Teddy Bear Club International published a wonderful double page colour spread on our planned adventure. From that article we were contacted by two of their lovely readers, Carol and Sandra. Both have donated some beautiful bears for our fundraising events and Sandra has even made a little ‘cross-eyed’ bear specially for a church in Shildon to sponsor. (The Minister there, Graham, used to be the minister at Northland and told us once about a ‘cross-eyed’ bear called Gladly……Gladly the cross I’d bear). We know Gladly will be loved and cherished by Graham and the good folk of Shildon when he gets there. In he meantime he is living with us and being greatly admired.

We have recently seen the power of the internet at work in fundraising.
Following Heather’s interview on BBC Radio Tees we were contacted by a lady in Saltburn who has many internet friends. She wants to send Edmund Bear (named after Sir Edmund Hillary) on the picnic and asked if her friends can donate ‘on-line’. We have a link on our website for on-line donations and she suggested that she points her internet friends to that and leave a message in the comments to say that the donation is for Edmund. It’s working very well and Edmund is well on the way to raising his full fare. We’ve been really impressed with how this has gone, and if anyone else has friends from a distance who want to donate this way, do suggest that they follow Edmund’s example and leave a comment donating to your bear.

Many of our own bears have started their fundraising campaign. Barnaby, who is hosting the picnic is going to do a bunjee jump from the hospice tower, whilst Dumpling has started her sponsored slim. We’ll let you know how she gets on.

We’ll look forward to hearing from most of you (with your bears) at some point. But, in the meantime, good luck with your fundraising, and let us know if we can help at all. If you want to catch up with us at any of our fundraising events they are on the website (or the enclosed leaflet for those receiving this by post).
Thanks for your support
Heather & Geoff

Lots of love

Monday, 4 February 2008

ABC Wednesday.........C!

C is for.............
catching up!

I watched a football match, but didn't have the proper scarf on.
It should have been red and white for Boro!

I am at my grandmas.
Here I am with Holly and Molly, grandma's dogs.
She has been knitting me some more suitable clothes for my exhibition!

Have a good day!


Saturday, 2 February 2008

The best plans and all that!

I didn't get to grandma's yesterday!
As you can see the snow came, so the road over the moors was terribly dangerous so we stayed home. Daddy has a big truck which is really good in the snow, so when he isn't at his workshop he will take me to Grandma's.
Mummy will take her camera and take some photographs of the moors in the snow.
They look lovely.

In the meantime I will write a letter to a class of children over in America who are going to be following my expedition. Their teacher
is one of mummy's friends who joins in with ABC Wednesday!
Well it just so happens they have a class mascot teddybear, Beary Bear which is just wonderful!
I will be writing to them all!
I am so excited.
It is something I can do here at my desk whilst I am inside keeping warm.

I have been doing some research and find I need some documents.
I have been looking here!
I remember my friend, Bob T. Bear had to sort a passport out so I will ask him, I am sure he will give me some information!

I have some exciting news too......................
but I will share that later!

Thank you again for your support.
Love Edmund.

Thursday, 31 January 2008

Skywatch Friday!

It is not the mountains that we conquer, but ourselves.
Sir Edmund Hillary

As I prepare for my Expedition I am trying to get as many tips as possible.
I was watching a programme about the late Sir Edmund Hillary and the cold sky made me think...
"Will it be like this in the Arctic?"

I think it will!
Those of you in Norway will have a good idea!

I am going to stay for a few days with my Grandma, whilst she knits me some suitable colthes.

I will be back soon!

Lots of Love,
Edmund (the explorer) Nesbitt!

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

ABC Wednesday.........

B is for.....Bow Tie!

This Bow Tie is not suitable for an explorer, so my grandma, the other Mrs Nesbitt is sorting me out with some proper clothes. I wont throw the bow tie away however, I will keep it incase I get invited out to any posh "do's" whilst on my expedition.

So, my first ABC Photo.
Nice to meet everybody.
I am going to look at your "B's" now!

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Hello, introducing Edmund(the explorer) Nesbitt!

Hello there,
I am so so glad to meet you all...
You must be wondering who I am and why I am here.....
well read on!

So much has happened this last week, it has all been so exciting, but I will start at the beginning and tell you the important bits.

Last week I was in the basket of unwanted bears at a charity shop in Guisborough.
I heard some of the volunteers talking about a story they had read in the local newspaper, The Evening Gazette.

here is the article...

Grin and bear it!

Jan 24 2008 by Naomi Corrigan, Evening Gazette
Heather Thompson, pictured left with some of the bears heading to Norway in a bid to raise £30,000 for St Theresas Hospice

A GROUP of intrepid teds are heading off to icier climes for a record-breaking picnic attempt.

In June, Heather and Geoff Thompson from Darlington are taking the bunch of bears to lunch - 700 miles away to North Cape in Norway.

The challenge was set up in a bid to raise £30,000 for the specialist children’s bereavement service at St Teresa’s Hospice. And in doing so the pair would also break a world record by holding the most northerly teddy bears’ picnic ever.

Heather, who works part-time at the hospice, said: “We went to Norway two years ago and did a flute duet in the world’s most northerly Methodist church and raised £13,000 for the hospice.

“I have been going to schools to talk about the hospice and I take in Barnaby Bear. We thought using teddies would be a great way to raise money for the hospice.”

To send a bear, people need to raise at least £100.

When I read the article I thought how exciting the adventure would be for the lucky bears chosen to go.

I didn't give it any more thought, then on Friday I heard Heather being interviewed on Tees Radio by the lovely Alex Hall.

Well the next thing I knew was today, at about 11.45 two ladies came into the Charity Shop and headed staraight for the Teddy Bear basket.

They picked me up, looked closely, muttering "Yes, about 9 inches!" and before I knew it I was being handed over to Ken, the volunteer.

who then handed me over to my new mummy, Mrs Nesbitt!

We travelled home together and now I am told I am going to Norway in June.

MrsNesbitt wants to raise £100 for the children's unit at the Hospice and over the next few weeks we will share with you our weekly preparations for this wonderful expedition.

You can help, by signing up as a friend or pledging just a small amount to this great cause.

By becoming my friend you will be able to put my picture on your blog and tell all your blog visitors about my expedition.

I am now known as Edmund Nesbitt, in memory of a great explorer my mum tells me.

Watch this space!

Hope you become my friend.