Saturday, 2 February 2008

The best plans and all that!

I didn't get to grandma's yesterday!
As you can see the snow came, so the road over the moors was terribly dangerous so we stayed home. Daddy has a big truck which is really good in the snow, so when he isn't at his workshop he will take me to Grandma's.
Mummy will take her camera and take some photographs of the moors in the snow.
They look lovely.

In the meantime I will write a letter to a class of children over in America who are going to be following my expedition. Their teacher
is one of mummy's friends who joins in with ABC Wednesday!
Well it just so happens they have a class mascot teddybear, Beary Bear which is just wonderful!
I will be writing to them all!
I am so excited.
It is something I can do here at my desk whilst I am inside keeping warm.

I have been doing some research and find I need some documents.
I have been looking here!
I remember my friend, Bob T. Bear had to sort a passport out so I will ask him, I am sure he will give me some information!

I have some exciting news too......................
but I will share that later!

Thank you again for your support.
Love Edmund.


Ms. Creek said...

Ahh, Edmund, you are quite a bear. You deserve a big (bear) hug for your efforts. Your weather looks rather chilly, tho! Hope you get to go on your journey in your dad's big truck!

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Phytheas said...

Mr Edmund the Explorer I'm delighted to meet you. Your travels sound all very exciting - I haven't been to the Arctic, it sounds a bit chilly to me, but it looks like you've got a warm coat! My advice for packing would be:
honey, scarf, some honey in case the first honey gets lost, a woolly hat, some emergency honey, some international bear money for buying honey and a little stash of secret honey for when things get tough!

Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

Your friend, Phytheas.

Andrea said...

This is such a cute blog.

kopidunia said...

What a wonderful idea for a blog! Looking forward to seeing you here in Norway soon :-)

Sharon said...

Hi Edmund! I told my class that you would be writing to them and they are so excited. Unfortunatly, I can't pull up a picture to show them on the computer at school. And let me tell you, Beary Bear is more than a little excited and is waiting for your letter too.

RuneE said...

If you go at this time of the year, you may have to see a bit more of snow...

In the summer, you may encounter some of this ...

Dreesyach said...

Hi Edmund! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment.

Can't wait in having you and send to my girl this valentines. :)

Chica said...

I've heard of dogs and cats blog, but teddy bears, now that's new to me, but oh so adorable too! :)

A.Bananna said...

wow. you are very very busy. I hope that you can get your new cloths soon so that way you can stay worm in the snow! :)

have a great week!!

dot said...

Hi Edmund! You are the sweetest bear I know. Thanks for the lovely poem!

Annie said...

What a wonderful way to spend the day, looking out at the snow on the moors. Edmund, I envy you.

leslie said...

I can hardly wait to hear your exciting news, Edmund!